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 Tuesday 2 October 2018

 13:30 -
 Session 1 (Slot 7): Plenary keynotes / 3D Cadastres opening - Mila Koeva/Jantien Stoter
   Claus Nagel  
 Use cases of 3D City Information Models
   Rod Thompson  
 3D Cadastres: 30 years back, 30 years ahead
   Peter van Oosterom, chair FIG Working Group on 3D Cadastres  
 Best paper award FIG 3D Cadastres 2018
 15:30 -
 Session 2 (Slot 8): 3D Data Acquisition and Process Models - Efi Dimopoulou
   Matthew Smart and Russell Priebbenow  [presentation]
 Designing a 3D Cadastral System Demonstrator: A Case Study
   Maria Gkeli, Chryssy Potsiou and Charalabos Ioannidis  [presentation]
 LADM-based Crowdsourced 3D Cadastral Surveying – Potential and Perspectives
   Dubravka Sladic, Aleksandra Radulovic and Miro Govedarica  [presentation]
 Processes in Cadastre: Process Model for Serbian 3D Cadastre
   Mario Mader, Nikola Vucic, Saša Vranic and Miodrag Roic  [presentation]
 Initial 3D Cadastre Registration in the Republic of Croatia by Cadastral Resurvey
   Karolina Larsson, Jesper Paasch and Jenny Paulsson  [presentation]
 Conversion of 2D Analogue Cadastral Boundary Plans into 3D Digital Information –
 problems and challenges illustrated by a Swedish case

 Wednesday 3 October 2018

   9:00 -
 Session 3 (Slot 9): Infrastructure and Utilities 3D Legal Spaces - Rod Thompson
   Aleksandra Radulovic, Dubravka Sladic, Miro Govedarica, Aleksandar Ristic and Dušan Jovanovic  [presentation]
 Towards 3D Utility Network Cadastre: Extended Serbian LADM Country Profile
   Marcin Karabin, Dimitrios Kitsakis, Mila Koeva, Gerhard Navratil, Jesper Paasch, Jenny Paulsson,
 Nikola Vucic, Karel Janecka and Anka Lisec
 Layer approach to ownership in 3D cadastre – a subway case
   Rigoberto Moreno Vázquez and Diego Erba  [presentation]
 Arial power line 3D cadaster
   Rachel Adi, Anna Shnaidman and Shimon Barazani  [presentation]
 Implementation of the 3D Cadastre in Israel
   Eftychia Kalogianni, Efi Dimopoulou, Rod Thompson, Christiaan Lemmen and Peter van Oosterom  [presentation]
 Investigating 3D spatial unit’s as basis for refined 3D spatial profiles in the context of LADM revision
 11:00 -
 Session 4 (Slot 10): Legal Spaces, 3D Buildings and Indoor - Alias Abdul Rahman
   Behnam Atazadeh, Abbas Rajabifard, Mohsen Kalantari and Jihye Shin  [presentation]
 A BIM-Driven Approach to Managing Common Properties within Multi-Owned Developments
   Volkan Çagdas, Erik Stubkjćr, Walter Timo de Vries, Cornelius van der Merwe, Jesper Paasch, Jenny Paulsson,
 Nadja Schwery, Hendrik Ploeger, Ümit Isikdag and Abdullah Kara
 Co-ownership shares in condominium – A comparison across jurisdictions and standards  (long version)
   Jernej Tekavec and Anka Lisec  [presentation]
 A framework for assessing cadastral data as a source for 3D indoor modelling
   Abdullah Alattas, Peter van Oosterom, Sisi Zlatanova, Abdoulaye A. Diakité and Jinjin Yan  [presentation]
 Developing a database for the LADM-IndoorGML model
   Michael Germann, Jürg Lüthy and Peter van Oosterom  [presentation]
 INTERLIS 3 developments with 3D data types and better constraint support for 3D Cadastres
 13:30 -
 Session 5 (Slot 11): 3D Lifecycle: Spatial planning – Land Administration - Jesper Paasch
   Dimitrios Kitsakis and Efi Dimopoulou  [presentation]
 Determining the “true” environmental impact of Public Law Restrictions
   Tarun Ghawana, Rohan Bennett, Jaap Zevenbergen, Pradeep Khandelwal and Subu Rahman  [presentation]
 Exploring 3D Cadastres in India: Evaluating the Potential for Land Planning, Development and
 Management in Delhi
   Agung Indrajit, Hendrik Ploeger, Bastian van Loenen and Peter van Oosterom  [presentation]
 Designing Open Spatial Information Infrastructure To Support 3D Urban Planning In Jakarta Smart City
   Charisse Griffith-Charles and Michael Sutherland  [presentation]
 3D Cadastres for Complex Extra-Legal and Informal Situations
   Kean Huat Soon  [presentation]
 Contextualising Ontologies with Image, Number and Rationality
 15:30 -
 Session 6 (Slot 12): Developments in Various Countries - Karel Janecka
   Nenad Višnjevac, Rajica Mihajlovic, Mladen Šoškic, Željko Cvijetinovic, Stevan Marošan and Branislav Bajat  [presentation]
 Developing Serbian 3D Cadastre System - Challenges and Directions
   Jiyi Zhang, Gang Li, Youzhi Liu, Pengcheng Yin, Jinyu Yu and Zhifeng Shi  
 The application model of 3D cadastre in practical registration for real estate
   Shen Ying, Renzhong Guo, Lin Li, Naibin Chen and Yizhen Jia  [presentation]
 An uniform real-estate registration model for China
   Hicret Gursoy Surmeneli and Mehmet Alkan   [presentation]
 Design and Determine 3D Cadastral Systems: A Case Study of Turkey
   Davood Shojaei, Hamed Olfat, Abbas Rajabifard, Mohsen Kalantari and Mark Briffa  [presentation]
 Moving Towards a Fully Operational 3D Digital Cadastre: Victoria, Australia
   Mohsen Kalantari and Eftychia Kalogianni  [presentation]
 Towards LADM Victoria country profile – modelling the spatial information

 Thursday 4 October 2018

   9:00 -
 Session 7 (Slot 13): 3D and 4D Model Visualization - Mohsen Kalantari
   Chen Wang and Chang-bin Yu   [presentation]
 Digital Cartographic Model of 3D Cadastre: An Initial Design and Implementation
   Gerhard Navratil, Marco Schwai, Stefan Vollnhofer, Philip Konturek and Ioannis Giannopoulos  [presentation]
 From Floor Plans to Condominium Rights Through an Augmented Reality Approach
   Barbara Cemellini, Rod Thompson, Peter van Oosterom and Marian de Vries  [presentation]
 Usability testing of a web-based 3D Cadastral visualization system
   Abdullah Kara, Peter van Oosterom Volkan Çagdas, Ümit Isikdag and Christiaan Lemmen  [presentation]
 3D Data for Better Property Value Estimation in the context of LADM Valuation Information Model
   Ramiro Alberdi and Diego Erba  [presentation]
 Modeling Legal Land Object for water bodies in the context of n-dimensional cadastre
 11:00 -
 Session 8 (Slot 14): Plenary keynotes / 3D Cadastres closing - Volker Coors  
   Antonio Jara  
 Smart Destinations: Challenges and opportunities to create sustainable smart cities in the data economy
   Ruizhi Chen  
 Smartphone Positioning and 3D Mapping Indoors
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