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The 5th International FIG Workshop on 3D Cadastres will be organized in Athens Greece, 18 (afternoon) to 20 (morning) October 2016. Together with the 11th 3D GeoInfo Conference (20-21 October 2016), this is part of the Joint 3D Athens Conference 2016 in Greece.

The increasing complexity of infrastructures and densely built-up areas requires a proper registration of the legal status (private and public), which can only be provided to a limited extent by the existing 2D cadastral registrations. The registration of the legal status in complex 3D situations will be investigated under the header of 3D Cadastres.

The Workshop on 3D Cadastres addresses developments in the following areas:
  • 3D Cadastre operational experiences (analysis, LADM based, learn from each other, discover gaps)
  • 3D Cadastre cost effective workflow for new / updated 3D parcels = 4D (part of whole chain:
    from planning / design / permit in 3D, to registration / use in 3D)
  • 3D Cadastre web-based dissemination (usability, man-machine interfaces, including mobile/AR)
  • Legal aspects for 3D Cadastre, best legal practises in various legislation systems
  • Focus on large cities, including developing countries
The intention is to also include the presentation of overview reports with the progress in the last years in four key areas of 3D Cadastres:
  1. Legal framework 3D Cadastres
  2. Initial registration of 3D parcels
  3. 3D data management
  4. Visualization, distribution and delivery of 3D parcels
Full papers should be submitted via EasyChair. Authors of accepted submissions are requested to submit the full paper by September 1st 2016. Full papers will be included in both the on-line and printed proceedings (available at the workshop), published by FIG with ISBN / ISSN reference. For template and instructions see:
3DCad2016_template.doc   MS Word template for full paper 3D Cadastre Workshop 2016
3DCad2016_instructions.pdf   Instructions for formatting full paper 3D Cadastre Workshop 2016

Important deadlines for the FIG 3D Cadastre 2016 Workshop are:
15 May 2016   Extended abstract
15 June 2016   Reviewing
1 September 2016   Final version full paper
18-20 October 2016   Workshop

Special issue ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information (IJGI)
After the workshop, selected authors (based on review of full workshop papers and presentations / discussions at the workshop) are invited to submit a significantly extended / changed version before 31 March 2017 to the special issue of ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information (a SCIE journal). After submitting, the paper goes through the peer review process of the journal. As it is an open access journal normally authors have to pay a publication fee when accepted. However, for the authors of the invited papers of the workshop these fees will be covered.